Pauleth Fresnillo


1. This Autumn/Winter 19/20 Womenswear collection is about Acculturation. It is mainly inspired by my own heritage, which you can see through the designs and fabrics that I have used, combined with the streetwear and street art culture. Upon looking at the works of popular street artists, I was mainly influenced by Basquiat’s art style, which I incorporated in my work through the use of painting and embroidery. The style of the collection reflects the combination of tailoring and streetwear as well as an oversized silhouette, influenced by the street fashion of the 80s’. It is mainly aimed at an audience who are proud to express who they are and to those who are open on embracing the development of cultural diversity within our society so that we may find new inspirations

2.This Spring/Summer 20/21 menswear collection for River Island is mainly inspired by the Latin American Culture. Influenced by the streets and people of the Latin community, the collection reflects a softly tailored silhouette accompanied by bold patterns and colours representing the culture’s bright energy and diversity. Depending on the styling of the patterns, the collection is ranged into daywear and evening wear, with single patterns as daytime prints and layered patterns as evening prints. However, the collection is not limited to this initial idea as the garments can still be combined with each other depending on the wearer’s divergence in opinion.

3. Inspired by street art and the current issues happening within our society, this Levi’s customization collection implicates a message about making a change for our environment. The garments in the collection encourage both recycling and upcycling in which you can alter and reshape old or new garments into new ones, reinforcing them with empowering messages through embroidery and graffiti designs.