Phoebe Smith


This collection is going to be inspired by Post ruin Britain and the devastating effects of poverty Thatcher’s government had on the North of England. Primarily focusing on Liverpool and Merseyside areas, it will also include the 1981 Toxteth riots which will mainly influence silhouette however these riots were also caused by the poor treatment Thatchers government gave to Liverpool, but the attitudes of the Liverpudlian people is very inspiring to me.

It is a Menswear A/W20 Knitwear collection containing wovens as well.

The aimed market is :Young men aged 20-32 with a disposable income or at least style conscious men who enjoy spending hard earned money on looking the part, who may be successful with roots from working class backgrounds or who haven’t given any thought to where a collection like this based it’s inspiration from because it doesn’t have a designer label on it.

Although this collection is designed to be luxury and high quality the initial inspiration for silhouette and stitch is far from. This will be taken from past and modern day findings on council estates, including housing, flats, streets and stereotypical expectations of outfits worn by young working / lower class males.

The collection will be an explosive mixture of sportswear and soft tailoring. This will be made with the intention of paying close attention to details, high end finishes and colour balance with some contrast. It will sit on the medium / high end market amongst the likes of AMI Paris, Palm Angels, Kenzo and Martine Rose.

I will be conveying my concept and ideas through a knitwear sampling range.


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