Rebecca Parrott

take me to neverland

The journey began by drawing upon fond child hood memories as a little girl dressed in a feather headdress and blackberry face-paint recreating the Indian scene from the Peter Pan movie, all while having adventures through the woods like the Lost Boys and the Darling family.
Following the adventures of Wendy and Peter within Neverland was the main source of inspiration for this collection. The mix of textures that were found within Mermaid Lagoon and the jungle were a great base to design from as the combination of tropical flowers and plants mixed with the textures of mermaid lagoon really encapsulated the fantasy within the story. Bright and bold colours were used to reflect the nature of having fun and adventures taken in Neverland.
This is infused with real adventure inspired by the summer festivals.As it became clear the Festival Season has become the real Neverland as people express their sense of adventure. Whatever the weather, whatever the destination this collection is perfect to fit into the lifestyle of a young adventurer who is willing to take risks.
The silhouette is inspired by Woodstock festival in the 1970’s combined with Pre-Raphaelite art that inspired many of the designers of that period including Bill Gibb and Ossie Clark.
As a designer the aim for this collection was to create a big adventure by injecting fun into a restrictive society that suggests a life of work and no fun. Escape the world and go on an adventure.