Ruairi Mccaffrey


Exploring the concept of Capture & Escape. Crossing decorative design with functionality.

C a t a l y s t Autumn/winter ‘19 collection depicts the gathering of conflicting ideas of masculinity and sexuality. Moreover the role of gender codes in contemporary fashion. The collection is a reflection and reaction to the de-evolution of ideas and tolerance in the developed world.

C a t a l y s t’ s purpose is to find new ways to explore our relationship with garments and their purpose, looking at comfort and restriction. Taking motifs such as quilting and drawstring, straps etc, conventionally elements used to bring comfort and security to the user and maximising them to the point of challenging its use. Traditional notions of menswear, such as military and utility detailing are set against deliberately uncompromising and almost alien silhouettes, often referencing traditionally feminine details and garments: frills, crystal pleats, dresses, skirts. Through this collection, there is a constant to and fro between fabrication, comfort, and gender. While this collection is presented as a menswear collection it is designed to be inclusive, while equally pondering the question of appropriate dress.

The debut C a t a l y s t collection displays a love affair with uniform mixed with fantasy
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