Sam Beaumont Perkins


The ANXIETY collection is inspired by the darker side of the mind and how it effects people in numerous different ways. The definition of Anxiety is “ a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome” The challenge for the anxiety collection was to try and present these ideas through clothing. The key points the collection picks up on is Eratic behaviour, swaddle feel, destroying something beautiful and the use of minimalistic red to portray anger/red mist.
The Eratic behaviour of the mind inspires all of the print techniques displayed in the collection. The tonal prints which are of a very busy, broken, rough style are mixed with clean sihouettes, oversized fits, overlayering and heavy fabrics creating a swaddling effect and restricted feel for the wearer. By using fabrics usually suited to more luxurious silhouettes and placing them into sportswear/streetwear styles gives a confused idea. Additionally distressing and repatched work creates a updated feel to classic styles.
Red mist is used in reference to a fit of extreme anger that temporarily clouds a persons judgement “seeing red”. Overall the collection as a whole does suggest an anxious feel. The overall combination of the heavy print areas mixed with the cleaner areas, the mass and amount of garments seen help promote this idea. The anxiety collection is intended to be set at a mid-upper market level featuring alot of essential garments perfect for numerous colourways starting at a fair price to key outerwear pieces leading up to higher prices depending on the silhouette itself.