Samantha Fisk


As a womenswear designer, most of my inspiration comes from form and femininity. Focusing on pattern cutting techniques, I like to employ drape and fabric manipulation to create flattering shapes that emphasise the body. I also like to design for a muse/customer rather than from a story. The clothes I design can be used by the customer to convey her own narrative, open to change. She would have an easy-going attitude to juxtapose her working lifestyle, with feminine, elegant and sophisticated style evoking sensuality without being provocative.

For my Graduate project, the inspiration came from a trip to Rome, looking at the sculptures in my photography and how the drape and movement in the marble forms conveyed fluidity through a sculpture.The marble and stone structures of Rome emote grace and elegance through clean lines and posturing, evoking sensuality and femininity. This Resort 2019 collection maintains a relaxed edge through smocking manipulation and drape techniques to create a softly tailored outcome. Sophisticated style with a soft yet exaggerated silhouette, utilizing smart, subtle, conceptual construction, and still create wearable garments. Designed purposefully for the holiday abroad, though easily wearable in an urban environment when carried on into the summer.
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