Sophie Tromans

into the wild

My graduate collection is entitled ‘into the wild’ It was initially inspired by my love for botanical illustration and contrast of fluid shapes and bold outlines present in these illustrations. I created this collection for adventure and exploration each garment has been made with fun and functionality in mind. Initially driven by Workwear silhouettes a key part of this collection has been research into garments made for functionality and adapting traditional Womenswear garments to fit the functional purpose of my collection.

My muse for this project is Hannah Snowdon a 24 year old tattoo artist who travels the world with just a backpack. I wanted my collection to be interchangeable to fit this lifestyle you could take one statement piece for a week and style it several ways to create multiple outfits out of one look. A key part of my work is accessibility that each piece
should be diverse enough that it can stand out on its own or be styled together. I have priced my market level at the premium concession range so it is priced high enough to be individual and high quality but not so high that it is no longer accessible to my customer. My customer is 25+ she wants to stand out from a crowd but also wants her clothing to support her in her active lifestyle. she believes in quality over quantity and wants a piece that can
be worn and loved for years to come. Into the wild is about adventure and discovery encapsulating the fun of being young at heart with a level of elevated practicality to endure the day to day life of the modern woman.