Steph Starkey

A Mind of Kagic

‘A Mind of Kagic’ is a Pre-Spring 2020 collection inspired by the effects of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease on my Dad. The collection interprets his everyday struggles with getting dressed (putting clothes on inside out and back to front) and disjointed speech, in a fun, upbeat way that communicates his inspiring ability to find humour in such blunders.

Interior garment details, brand logo ‘hybrids’ and jumbled up Queen song titles drive concept development and pay homage to the new and (not so) improved ‘Turvy Topsy Dad’. Use of bold colours and multi textural embellishment relate to the stylish women admired at a recent exhibition of Himalayan fashion; inclusion of furs lends a youthful spirit that resonates with Dad’s regression to an almost childlike state of dependence and vulnerability.

The collection is for the young, stylish cool girl of 2020. She know who she is and what she likes, and loves to stand out.


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