Susannah Jackson


An Occasion Wear Collection for the Women’s Spring Summer 2020 Market

Re-Form, a luxury designer ready to wear collection, creates a ‘form’ for the wearer that is free from the limitations of a stereotypical body image. The pieces are inspired by shapes abstracted from the female form and used to trigger silhouette focused garments. The collection encompasses the organic shapes of key influence Henry Moore and the iconic colour palettes of Pablo Picasso, a peer of Henry Moore with a similar abstract style. Each uses the female form as an inspiration for their work, both sculptural and two dimensional, without conforming to traditional ideals of beauty in relation to body image.

Further Projects:

H&M Spring/Summer 2020 focusing on concept development and print design.

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Ready-to-Wear AW2019/2020 focusing on digital design including virtual 3D prototyping and digital print.


INSTAGRAM: @susannahjackson_womensdesigner