Tammy Nowell

when medusa met vlad

Taking inspiration from famous beasts of legends past, ‘When Medusa Met Vlad’ is a collection which focuses on the ancient Grecian mythological beauty Medusa and the Transylvanian terror, commonly referred to as Dracula.
This Menswear collection draws inspiration from the animalistic features of Medusa, mainly her Snakes for hair, whilst referencing Dracula, also known as ‘Vlad The Impaler’. Silhouettes and pattern designs have been developed using historical Romanian traditional wear whilst also incorporating the depiction of Dracula in various films throughout the ages.
The twist to this collection is that it draws upon the previously mentioned characteristics and traits of Medusa. Real snake shedding’s have been studied and photographed under a microscope to create and develop some unique and quite distressed print patterns. The use of skin shedding’s as opposed to using full skins from snakes also plays a pivotal part in the manufacturing of the garments whilst remaining humane to theses reptiles.
When Medusa Met Vlad is a mixture of historical and modern fashion equating to a collection filled with great shapes and complex lines that show an appreciation for the art of pattern design.