Victoria McMenigall

berlin 2090

Berlin 2090 is a pioneering sportswear collection, inspired by the cultural resurgence in current day Berlin. The concept is drawn from the German capital’s struggle to rebuild their reputation since the fall of the berlin wall in 1990. Originally considered as the ‘anti fascist protective wall’ the Germans have fought to regain their capital as a culturally diverse and stimulating environment with futuristic ideals.
The colour palette and geometric element within the collection is drawn from original images of the contemporary street art displayed in central Berlin, and the futuristic buildings at the cutting edge of
German architecture. Silhouette is dictated by a future Berlin, and the people that inhabit a possible post apocalyptic city where a positive outlook and pride within the community continues to grow, along with
the contemporary arts culture.
The idea of fashion and engineering existing separately is challenged within the garments in this collection, using contrasting fabrics with very separate qualities, bonded together to create something entirely unique and original. The collection also supports the clash of very sportswear fastenings and fabrics with heavy leathers, linked together to create a form of innovative armor. Fabric manipulation is a prominent driving force within the collection.