Yasmine Qadoomi

This Autumn/ Winter 19/20 collection is designed for the strong Arabian woman, who does not follow the tradition Arabian dress. The collection takes inspiration from the garments worn by the traditional Bedouins in the Middle East. Layers of fabric combined with cut out fabrics, heavily covered with hand cut metal jewellery and beads.

The theme in colour for this collection comes from the night markets, seen in Kuwait, from the different shades of black seen in the dark, to catching glimpses of the shine of hand-made metal lamps and jewels in the markets. Fabrics through this collection also portray this scene, as most are black, but used through different weights, like mesh and neoprene, but then contrasted with a metal effect fabric, or jewelled bodysuit. These fabrics were also tested to break the rules of traditional fabrics used for Bedouins.

Silhouette is mostly brought on by the wearer of these garments, as the wearer will feel strong, powerful and confident in these pieces, using her body to show silhouette through the mesh and figure-hugging pieces give it that powerful silhouette. Silhouettes in this collection are not seen as typical Arabic dress silhouette, as they are wide and covered head to toe, where-as this collection does cover from head to toe, but in sheer fabrics, tight fitting, and by using metal face coverings.

Sportswear is clearly seen through this collection through the Lycra Cycling Shorts and Bralets but it has been combined with more glamorous garments such as body hugging dresses in a gold metallic mesh, and has the use of delicate trims such as gold chain and silver jewel details.

This collection is aimed towards the high-end market level, towards customers at the age of 21-30. The customer is one who wears these garments confidently and wants to be noticed, these pieces are made for the customer to wear for events or evening wear.



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