Yurika Crawford


This womenswear Spring/Summer Collection is based on the heart of San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury. Bringing in the hippie silhouettes from the 60’s and reconstructing and working them into a more modern hipster aspect. This is shown within manipulation in denim and through strong vibrant prints.

 An exhibition ‘the summer of love’ was held at the De Young museum in Summer 2017 to celebrate and remember 50 years from the social events that occurred in 1967, when roughly 100,000 young people travelled to San Francisco and created a focal point of hippie counterculture. The exhibition contained bright prints and colours with strong protest slogans and posters, giving the consumer an understanding on how the youngsters created such an individual unique new subculture.

This collection takes main key silhouettes and details from 1967 but reconstructs them into a more modern diverse style. By doing so it creates a new take on the well-known hippie silhouette, an iconic fashion statement from 1967. The idea is to make hand manipulated garments which are individual and a rare must-have for a 20-30yr old consumer. Comparative brands such as Gucci use a mixture of weights in fabrics, as well as strong geometric prints against subtle elegant embellishment whilst maintaining a feminine and free look.

The key details to this collection are derived from the idea of giving an unusual free vibe through construction and manipulation of garments and finishing’s. By manipulating denim, the idea of a traditional denim garment is still retained through silhouette but recreated in a new take on denim. This is due to the hand manipulation and new formation of the fabric and structure once manipulated. Contrasting against the hand manipulation is the strong vibrant prints in a much lighter weight silk. Creating the flowing, elongated silhouettes known to the hippie culture.

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