Zhejun Li


After three years of study at the University and the placement year working experience at industry, Considering my future career, I am re-understanding my design style and what I am most interested in.  The initial design vision for the collection from my own lifestyle. About me, I like to wear street style clothing and I like street culture especially the Hip-Hop culture, Hip-Hop music is my spiritual sustenance.  

My main concept is from the golden age of Hip-Hop,  it is the Hip-Hop music from late 1980s to the early 1990s. Everything was still being discovered and everything was still innovative and new(MTV Sway Calloway). This time background makes rappers lyrical content from the era often drew attention to a variety of social issues. These social issues affect their lifstyle. So the Hip-Hop fashion during the golden age of Hip-Hop is unique.
About my final collection I want present a completely street style menswear. My collection entails undertaking street brand trend and product research and interpreting it into a new range of reversible menswear. The concept from golden age of hip-hop, I considered new pattern cutting ideas for street wear, and present them fully reversible. Both from front to back and from right side to wrong side.  I intend to research street brand such as Supreme and Yeezy, to find out what type of street wear people who would buy. I also take into account street wear that are popular, research the new trends in color and fabrication. I get influence for these from my market level. After graduate from University, I really want working or own a studio that make street brand and do hip-hop music. So, this final collection is my precious experience to make a collection present style, which I really like.

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