Zoe Johnson

To the 50’s and Beyond

The collection draws influence from the silhouette and detailing of 1950’s coats contrasting with the futuristic details taken from Googie architecture of the era and 1950’s ‘alien’ comic books. Alternative fabrics place great importance on the collection, looking at unconventional materials that will give the collection a modern yet different outlook. Architecture also features in the collection to give the clothes structure and dimension.
The collection is placed in the designer market level from using original 1950’s couture sewing techniques within the garments. Balenciaga and Dior are inspirational to my collection, having ensured the garments are created to their level. The collection is aimed at a wide range of ages, from 26-40. Whilst drawing inspiration from the past my aim was to give the collection a fresh, modern feel, which will appeal to the younger audience.
Unusual materials such as scuba jersey, bonded fabrics and metal organza have been used to bring something different to the collection and what hasn’t been done before. Representing the body using these materials gives the added futuristic effect to the garments. The colour palette consists of bright pink, yellow and green contrasting with muted blues, purples and teal, creating a palette that necessarily wouldn’t go together.